Lent 2023

Connect & Reflect

Connect and reflect. To spend time in honest and thoughtful reflection. It seems this kind of activity has been in short supply these last few years. So, we hope you’ll take time to do so during the 2023 Lenten season.

During the next four weeks, together, as a church, we will reflect on ourselves and our living. How do we reflect ourselves to the world in the ways in which God has called us to do so? Are we seen by others as faithful reflections of the ways God calls us to be and act in our beautiful and yet broken, hurting world?

Join us for the journey.

A Lenten Prayer

Holy One, as I make this Lenten journey, stay close to me.
Help me be honest about who I am and what I reflect to your world.
Show me the ways in which I can change, to better reflect your grace, your compassion, your love to those around me.
With each step of this journey, remind me to find the good and meaningful alongside the questions and struggles I face in this time of reflection and examination.
Guide me as you guided Jesus on his journey so long ago. In his name, I pray.

prayer written by Jeanette Brodersen