Join Our Church

All Are Welcome to Join!

You are welcome here, no matter what. And we’d love to have you join the church! Our members come from many different denominations and faith backgrounds. Many did grow up going to church, but many did not. If First Congregational Church feels like the place where you (and your family) can live out and grow in your faith, we encourage you to consider becoming a member.

Answers to frequently asked questions about church membership are provided below

How do I become a church Member? 

How do I become a church Member? 

To join First Congregational Church you agree to enter into our Church Covenant, which means you commit to being an active, engaged part of our faith community.   

We welcome new members into the church three times a year during worship on Joining Sundays, typically held in October, February and April each year.  

Two weeks prior to each Joining Sunday we hold a Newcomer/Membership Informational Gathering for anyone wishing to learn more about the church or church membership. 

These gatherings are offered in person and on Zoom.  


Joining Sundays

On Joining Sunday, new members enter into our Church Covenant through a brief responsive reading with the rest of the congregation during the 10:00 a.m. or 11:25 a.m. worship service. 

Following worship, new members are welcomed by the congregation during a special Fellowship Hour reception. 

If you are interested in joining but cannot attend Joining Sunday in person, you are welcome to participate in the service and join via livestream.

If you wish to join the church but cannot attend one of our scheduled Newcomer sessions, please contact the Church Office to make alternative arrangements with Rev. Wiley or Rev. Brodersen. 


Newcomer/Membership Informational Gathering

Newcomer/Membership Informational Gatherings are held two weeks prior to each Joining Sunday and are offered both in-person and via Zoom.

During the gatherings our pastoral and program staff share information about the church’s history, our denomination, theological beliefs, programs, ministries and membership.

The in-person gatherings include a brief walking tour of the church.

Attending a Newcomer/Membership Informational Gathering does NOT commit you to Membership. 

However, if you decide you want to join First Congregational Church you can do so on the next Joining Sunday or a future Joining Sunday.

If you wish to join the church but cannot attend one of our scheduled Newcomer sessions, please contact the Church Office to make alternative arrangements with Rev. Wiley or Rev. Brodersen. 

Do I need to be baptized to join First Congregational Church?

Yes. If you have not been baptized, we can baptize you on Joining Sunday, privately or publicly, prior to you joining. This is not unusual at all, and it adds to the joy of Joining Sunday!

Why would I choose to become a Member?

You are always welcome to consider First Congregational Church of Hudson your church home even if you are not an official Member.  

Joining First Congregational Church affirms your commitment to the church and this faith community, which may add to your feeling of connection and belonging.

In addition, certain roles and activities in church governance are limited to Members, including: 

  • Voting in congregational meetings (to approve the annual budget, elect new board and committee members or vote on any issues that come before the congregation). 
  • Serving as a voting member on any church board or committee. 
  • Serving on Church Council, the Endowment Board, Deacons Board, Deaconesses Board or any of our standing committees.  

Non-Members are welcome to attend congregational meetings (and not vote) and serve as
non-voting participants on church boards not limited to Members. 

Can my children join the church?

Children under the age of 18 who have been baptized are invited to re-commit to their faith and become official Members of the church through Confirmation. Most of our youth go through Confirmation during 8th grade; however, some go through it while in 9th-12th grades.

Is there an expected financial commitment?

No. A financial commitment is not a requirement of church membership. 

However, 90% of the church’s annual operating budget is provided by the individual financial gifts of our members. Each fall, Members and regular attendees are asked to prayerfully consider making a financial gift (or “pledge”) to the church for the next calendar year, January 1 through December 31. There are different levels of giving and suggested gift amounts; however, what you choose to give is ultimately up to you.

Is there an expected volunteer time commitment?

No. A volunteer commitment is not a requirement of church membership. 

However, there are many ways to engage with the church and the wider community, from singing in the choir, to teaching Sunday School, serving as a greeter, helping with fellowship hour or volunteering with the many different service organizations we support. We encourage you to find something you enjoy, which adds meaning to your life and your faith experience.