Who We Are

Wherever you are on your journey…
we’ll meet you there.

We seek to welcome and embrace all people,  where they are, just as they are, on their faith journeys.

Our Statement of Welcome & Embrace

We are called to be followers of Jesus, who embraces all people, wherever they are on their journey. Sometimes we stumble, yet we are seeking to follow Jesus’ path and embody Jesus’ welcome, love, and acceptance for all. We believe our political, social, and theological differences can be sources of strength, as together we seek to practice civil discourse that respects the integrity of each person. No matter your age, socioeconomic status, gender, race, sexual orientation, family circumstance, or certainty of faith, you are welcome here. Because you are a valued, loved child of God.

Join Us!

We invite you to find and know your home in God. Join us in worship on Sunday mornings.  Check out our opportunities to learn, grow, and serve in faith. Wherever you are on your journey…we will meet you there.

Our Denomination

First Congregational Church is affiliated with the Protestant denomination of the United Church of Christ (UCC).

Our Core Values

Theological Diversity

 “Wherever you are on your journey…you are welcome here!”

We reflect a wide range of theological beliefs and are united by our common faith in Jesus Christ. We seek to be an environment where all are welcome into our faith community no matter where each individual is on his or her faith journey.

Love in Action

“Wherever you are on your journey…we care about you!”

We are inspired by the way Jesus responded in love to every person’s need. We, therefore, are compelled to follow His example and embody that love and caring every day.

Every Person Matters

“Wherever you are on your journey…we will meet you there!”

We believe every person is a loved, valued child of God. We seek to build relationships that reflect God’s love and foster understanding of one another here and everywhere.

Our Mission Statement

Gather. Grow. Love.

The mission of First Congregational Church of Hudson is to gather, grow, and live as a reflection of Jesus’ teachings and God’s love for all people, without exception.

How We Are Governed

As part of the UCC, each congregation is free to act in accordance with the collective decisions of its members.  This governance structure is based in the belief of the priesthood of all believers—that each of us has the right to a direct relationship with God and that we are called into covenantal relationship to join as equals in the common worship of and service to God.  Here at FCCH, our members hold the responsibility of making decisions about how to live out our discipleship as a community of faith.

Here’s how that works:  the Congregation (church members) has ultimate responsibility for conducting church matters and meets twice a year or whenever a special congregational meeting is called.  The Church Council is the discerning and decision-making body of the church, meeting monthly, its members approved via vote at a congregational meeting.  Along with a moderator, vice moderator, treasurer, clerk, and senior minister (non-voting member), Church Council is made up of church members who also serve as liaison to Church Boards.  Boards meet on a regular basis and ensure the worship life and various ministries happen (Adult Education, Children’s Ministries, Deacons, Deaconesses, Membership, Music, Outreach, Stewardship, Trustees, Youth).